Friday, January 28, 2011

Increasing Your Home's Value By Adding Scratch And Dent Appliances

Do you have your home on the market for sale? Having a tough time selling? Adding some scratch and dent appliances to your home could be the cost effective update that your home needs to sell!

Have you ever watched HGTV? You see all these great kitchens with stainless steel all over and you think "Wow, that looks nice! Must have cost them a fortune!" Well, yes and no. The people on some of the shows there seem to have an almost unlimited budget. But for some of us out there, it's definitely limited. In a time where the economy is less than stellar, pinching pennies is something that most of us have become accustomed to.

With that said, look at your house in comparison to others on the market. The kitchen seems to be the "make or break" room in the house. No one looking to buy a house wants the kitchen to be outdated, non-matching or non-functioning. But in order to get nice, new appliances that all match can be pricey. That's where my company fills this niche. You may see a brand new GE Profile french door refrigerator at Sears or another full retail location and get sticker shock! Klenk's Sales offers the same exact product with say a small ding on the side or a dent on the back of the unit at 15-50% less cost to the buyer with a factory warranty! Most damage is or can be hidden especially with cabinets but the best thing is that people coming into your house will never see the dent (even if it's in plain sight) because they are too busy gawking over how nice the unit is.

Depending on how the rest of your house is, you may want top, middle or low line of appliances. You can find pretty much any of these items at our store or at a local location. But the fact is that with so many homes available for sale, you as a seller need to stand out from the crowd and what a better way than to have your kitchen match, work great and be appealing to buyers. With the economy the way it is most families are cooking and eating at home more so that puts much more emphasis on the kitchen having to look great and function to appeal to buyer.