Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How To Properly Maintain and Clean Your Smooth Top Electric Range

Happy (very late) Thanksgiving everyone!

Hope that everyone had a good holiday. At our house it's a time to get together and enjoy each others company, eat some great home cooked food and watch football. However, after all the great food is cooked, the kitchen is usually a mess. The item that gets the messiest is always the oven. Especially if you have an electric smooth top range.

Smooth top electric ranges can be really great. They can also be a cleaning nightmare as well if you don't do it correctly or often enough. The color of your top does have a lot to do with this as well though. Obviously an all black top will not show tomato paste from spaghetti that has been burnt black under a pan the way an all white top would.

Here are some good tips to help keep your electric smooth top range looking new and clean:
  • Depending on how often you cook, you should at least clean the top of your stove every week
  • Most brands you can use a rough scrubbing sponge and others you can even use a razor blade
  • Soap and water is NOT going to get these tops clean and keep them clean
  • A ceramic top cleaner (like Cerama Bryte) is the best way to get it clean and KEEP it clean
  • A nickel sized drop of this Cerama Bryte will do each burner. You scrub it in and let it set. Once the compound dries, you wipe it off. Almost like a car wax.
You can also use ceramic cook top cleaner to prevent these stains from re-appearing as well. It's almost like a car wax, the more you use it - the easier the stains and burn marks come off.

Not to burst any bubbles but if you've been using your smooth top range for years and have never cleaned the top with a good ceramic cleaner, you may not get those burn marks out of your top. Period. Especially on a white range. Once that burn mark is burned in over and over it will be permanently stained into your top.

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