Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GE Appliance's New Slate Color Is Sweet!

Seen the GE Slate Appliances?
Have you seen the new slate color of appliances GE has rolled out? It's sweet! If you're looking for a new set of appliances you have to check these out.

The Color
Plain old white is boring, lack-luster and, well, plain white.
Black is dark and messy. It shows finger prints, smudges, dings, dents and scratches very easily. Stainless steel is just as bad as black when it comes to showing defects and blemishes. If you clean black or stainless on Monday, by Friday it looks like a finger paint canvas. Not to mention that it can have a very cold, industrial styling to it.

Slate shows almost no finger prints or smudges. It's a warm, elegant color that matches many different colors of counter tops, cabinets and floors.You can make it stand out with really light or really dark colors or you can have it blend seamlessly with similar colors. Slate used a few accents like black and stainless but it's not an abundance.

 GE Slate Appliance Kitchen Package Deals

The Appliances
GE's slate color appliances have a great selection to choose from.


Please check out the package deal section of our website for deals on the color. We have great in-store discounts on the whole kitchen plus GE offers some rebates on these kitchens periodically as well.

 GE Slate Appliances